A New Chapter: Why I Started YouTube

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to another rambly blog post but this one is a exciting one that I can’t wait to tell you all about, just image we are just two friends in a coffee shop on rainy day having a good old chat and a catch up! because this is basically what this is really.

So as some of you may know or not know around 5 year ago I was a beauty blogger on YouTube and I had around 400 Subs which I was incredibly proud of at the time, I did everything from tags, to make up look to hauls and I remember my first official video was a good old classic Primark haul and one day someone wrote a lovely hate comment on one of my videos and it threw me off completely I was very under confident at the time with very thin skin to negative situations, looking back it was really silly of me to literally give up YouTube just because one person commented on how I looked and how they didn’t like my channel.


( Here is a photo of me back in 2012 when I did YouTube )

Okay so fast forward to the present day everyone who knows me knows how much I wanted to do YouTube but I honestly thought I needed fancy equipment and I was always making up excuses like I don’t have enough time etc buttttt around a month ago I was watching one of my favourite vloggers David Di Franco over on YouTube when he said something along the lines of why not start today stop leaving things for tomorrow, he also stated why he loved vlogging and one of the reasons was he loves looking back on memories with family and friends and that idea just really appealed to me, he vlogs around Christmas and even his Christmas day and for someone who adores Christmas I loved the idea of capturing my families Christmas and watching it back in years to come.


( David Di Franco Christmas 2015 )

So, why did I re-start my YouTube channel?

I have almost had my blog a year now ( sept 5th to be exact when I started ) and I love looking back on chatty posts such as this and beauty reviews and looking back at my blogmas from last year just made me excited, after watching David’s vlog I sat there and thought I really like the idea of documenting my life and sharing it online what about in the future when I move out, get married and have children of my own I can vlog and document it all on video and in 20 years time look back on how far I have come, I can show my future children all the adventures, and content I have created and even looking back at the vlog I made two week ago gave me a warm great feeling inside. I am looking forward to the autumn and Christmas season as there is so many video opportunities I don’t know if I am going to be doing vlogmas this year but be sure to stay tuned for lots of Halloween and Christmas goodness in the near future on the blog and on my YouTube channel, so if you’ve made it this far thank you and I am actually planning on doing a MASSIVE giveaway when my blog turns one as a thank you to every single one of followers who have supported me…and don’t worry it will be worldwide as well.

19260529_10210079432565529_6454364578362464437_n (1).jpg

So that’s it my friends thank you so much if you have already subscribed to my YouTube channel it really does mean the bloody world and more to me, and if you have not…why not? you can find my latest video here.

As always thank you ever so much for being here and supporting and reading my stuff, until next time,




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