Crazy Tea Lady: Asda’s Home Brand Herbal Tea Review

Hellooo everyone this post is a little different it’s about well tea…I am a self proclaimed crazed tea lady I know how very British of me, but I really wanted to talk about these ASDA home branded tea’s I found, I pretty much drink any type of tea’s but fruit and herbal teas a firm favourite in my house hold so when we saw ASDA come out with these gorgeous new flavours of tea I just had to try them.


Okay so first up can we talk about the packaging the little illustrations are to die for I don’t know why but I am a sucker for packaging so that’s what drew me in, in the first place, also the unique flavours as well such as chocolate orange & Rhubarb and custard they also had a apple crumble flavour but its fair to say that lasted a week in my house it was so good.


First up we have the strawberry and forest fruits this packaging again is so sweet and I like the fact it looks like it has been hand drawn, this tea beautiful and sweet you can taste the strawberry infused with the rest of berry fruits.


Next up we have the delightful chocolate orange tea now let me tell you this if drinking a terry’s chocolate orange sounds appetising to you then you need this tea in your life, honestly I feel like you either going to love it or hate it I personal love it and have two boxes in cupboard…( I am so sad I didn’t have any chocolate to do my flat lay so I basically used Jaffa cakes which seemed fitting because well they are chocolate orange favourite ).


When I first saw this flavor of tea I almost jumped out of skin I was so excited but I was a little disappointed to find that the rhubarb side of the tea was more stronger than the custard which left a bitter taste in my mouth, but with a simple sweetener soon takes away the bitterness also the smell of this tea is amazing it smells exactly like the sweets.


Finally the lemon and green tea one is actually my favourite as I drink it daily I like to drink it with heated lemon and lime water and splash of lemon juice I just think it taste amazing and apparently green tea is meant to be one of the healthiest teas for you?

I should mention that these teas’s are only 74p for a box of 20! soooo cheap you can buy them here, I honestly was not going to write this post as I was like why am I blogging about tea for when I literally wrote a very serious post about going cruelty free, well I have decided that you don’t need a blogger niche such as beauty..or food if anything I am a lifestyle blogger and I have decided to write about what I love like I always have and not what I think I should be writing to fit in. If you have any good tea company recommendations let me know!

as always thank you for reading and until next time,



11 thoughts on “Crazy Tea Lady: Asda’s Home Brand Herbal Tea Review

  1. I tried the chocolate orange one a couple weeks back now and it tasted a little weird to me so I kinda put off trying the others but after reading this, I may have to give them a go! The rhubarb and custard one may be on my next shopping list!! x

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