Summer 2017 Collective Haul

Hellooo everyone! today I am back and bringing you a collective haul so recently I got paid and went a little crazy and bought myself some nice bits and bobs so I thought I would put them in a haul for you and some of these items I won’t tell you which you can just guess are going towards my giveaway in September when I will be celebrating one year of Mermaidmoonchild, this haul is very random so I think I will do home ware and other bits & bobs first then clothing & shoes.


First thing I didn’t actually purchase myself it was a gift from my partner for our anniversary ( he actually listens to what I like even if I waffle on I love it ) it is Louise’s Wild Like Me, he picked this up from ASDA but you can get it in any supermarket and any Waterstones I am only on capture 3 and I am officially addicted Louise is like an OG ( original ) YouTuber I have watched since the start so when she announced a book of course I was thrilled! and I CANNOT WAIT FOR BABY PENTLAND!!!! you can buy wild like me here.


I popped into a little discount store called discount UK when I say little I mean massive its like a warehouse and they pretty much have everything you would ever need, I saw they had some Yankee Candle wax melts for on sale for £1 when they usually go for £3 in ASDA, so I snapped those up right as I don’t usually have summery scents in candles. I then went onto find the most gorgeous stationary of a blogger dream since starting my blog I have made a million to do lists, and I am always planning so note books are always needed these were £1 each.


So if you follow me on Twitter then you would of seen how much I love TK Maxx and when I got paid it’s the first place I headed to! I picked up these two fake plants…I have decided to buy a couple little fake plants as well I killed a cactus and that just says it all really, the little plant in the glass pot was only £2.99 & the other was £4.99 total bargains if you ask me and can you say great blogger prop!


There seems to be a running theme in my room at the mo! copper…everything is copper and I love it when I walked into ASDA living and saw how much copper home ware there was I just had to pick up some bits, the mirror is actually a bathroom mirror and was only £8, the copper pot I am using to hold my pens in is a tooth brush holder and the leaf candle holder was on sale for £1!!!  thank you ASDA for being so reasonable with your prices some of us bloggers are poor!


I do love Primark beauty and when I picked up these little mini 30ml perfumes I honestly went a whim because I didn’t smell them before hand but they were only £2 and the packaging drew me in its so cute and I can say now having them home they smell beautiful! The nails are so gorgeous again rose gold or copper.


Now onto clothes the mesh top I am sporting with this gorgeous embroidered tiger on is from TK Maxx I literally didn’t buy into the whole everything must have embroidered flowers on trend but when I saw this I fell in love, it was only £12.99 too!


Of course I can’t go into Primark without picking up some clothes I saw this basic tee with lace detailing up the front and I just had to have it, I feel like it adds that extra spice to an outfit kinda like how an necklace does! this was only £6.


Can we just talk about how amazing these olive green pants are?! I also got them in a pale dusty pink colour because I loved them so much but I have already worn them, these are basically snazzy track suit bottoms as I call them and they were only £8!

This is everything I bought this time around so as always thank you for reading & until next time.




17 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Collective Haul

  1. Love this haul. Think I might pick up Louise’s book! I watched her recently with Mrs Meldrum. So funny!!
    Also love the mirror, we’ve bought the same one but in a blue colour to go with our bathroom colour scheme 🙂

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