Turning 20: Oh Crap

So its Leo season baby!! which means it’s my birthday month August 10th to be exact which is this Thursday and I am absolutely crapping myself you would think birthday’s are filled with excitement not worry but this time round I turn 20, I have never in my life had a birthday where I panic and have a little flap about what age I am turning next but this time it’s different. I will no longer be a teen and that freaks me the hell out?


Not only that but when I was a wee girl at around 10/11 I thought people who were 20 had their sh*t together and they were proper little adults PAAHAHA how naive was my younger self though, at 19 almost 20 I can confirm that I don’t class myself as an adult I still feel 17, I do not have my sh*t together in terms of moving out having a child and married ( yes when I was 10 I thought this is what happened when you turn 20 ).

Looking back on my teenage years I am so proud of my growth as a person I used to be very idotic as teen but who isn’t? I was rude, bitter and jelous and bitchy oh don’t forget that but 4 years later it’s like I am a completely different person with different goals and I am proud of who I am. I am scared of my 20’s but I also look forward to see what they bring, here’s to turning 20 and the next 10 years!

Was there an age where you freaked out about turning? let me know I need to know I am not a nutter hahaha anyway as always thank you for reading and until next time.





20 thoughts on “Turning 20: Oh Crap

  1. lol I can relate so much, but I was more excited about finally not being a teenager. I did think being 20 I would be more of an adult with everything together but nah lol didn’t happen that way and I’m now 23. But I also thought turning 16 & 18 were “grown”๐Ÿ˜‚ when I was younger. When I turned 21 I felt like oh crap! I’m getting older life is real, bills are real! This is not a drill๐Ÿ˜‚ happy early birthday!๐ŸŽ‰

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  2. I turned 20 a couple months ago and know exactly how you feel! There’s so much pressure to have our lives figured out by our mid-twenties/early thirties that if we haven’t met that criteria, it is frowned upon and we have ‘failed’. In all honesty, you can’t determine the future. Yes, you can work hard and give it a little guidance but all-in-all things will happen when they happen. Don’t compare your Chapter 5 to someone else’s Chapter 12. Just keep doing your best and it’ll all work out eventually! x

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  3. Hahahah… I turned 30 in February and I STILL don’t have my sh*t together! I moved away at 18 and did the whoke uni thing and then moved to Spain where I spent many happy years. I thought moving back to my a couple of years ago was going to be a new start and actually do grown up stuff…nahhhh, that’s hardly happening haha!
    But why the pressure? Enjoy your age, live it how you want to live it. Be kind to others and make (mostly) sensible decisions but I don’t Thu k there is any need for you to be worrying about “having sh*t” sorted at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      1. I’ve moved home to find all my pals getting married, buying houses and some of them on their 2nd babies now…but it’s not for me just yet! Pressure comes from older relatives and mum’s friends I find, but I’m.just doing my own thing.
        I’ve had a craoot 2/3 years to be honest, so I’m making the most of everyday x

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  4. It was TERRIFYING for me when I turned 20 – but it was when I turned 22 that I proper broke down. I literally watched the clock as it turned to midnight, and as soon as it did, I just… Cried… I just felt like… Like, no matter what country I’m in now, there’s no argument that I’m past the point of becoming a proper adult I guess. I don’t know! Also, I was literally born at midnight, so that moment was literally when I turned 22!

    I just gave myself some goals to achieve by my next birthday, which grounded me and made me feel much happier ๐Ÿ™‚ Now every birthday I set myself some yearly goals. Turning 24 in October and I feel pretty chill about it all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Birthday!


  5. I still can’t believe I turned 20 in May haha! And I found an old diary from when I was younger and I laughed because I put I wanted to move out by the time I was 20/21 haha

    Alsooooo happy birthday x


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