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Tea+ : My Experience And Thoughts

Hello everyone, i’m back with a little review on Tea+ I was kindly gifted the tea and of course being the self proclaimed tea addict of course I jumped at the chance, not to mention it’s winter and everyone I know has/had a cold so I chose the vitamin D and energy tea.

Here is some information on Tea+ ” Tea+ was founded by husband and wife James and Jade who wanted to combine the best green tea and fruit tea.” For the past two week I have been trying out the vitamin D tea which is rather tasty mango and pineapple flavour and it current retails for £3.95 and can be found in places like Holland & Barrett, Boots and Amazon.

After trying for the past 14 days I can officially say somehow I managed to avoid a dreaded cold over the festive period, which is when i’m most likely to fall sick, now it could of been the tea or fluke but either way I will defiantly continue to have the tea everyday because of the benefits and I felt better for it.

So overall I would totally recommend the Tea+ vitamin D tea to anyone I know, not only is it super tasty but it has added bonus of the benefits in the tea itself.

( disclaimer I was gifted these products, but that does change my honest opinion of the products. )

thanks for reading, until next time!




One thought on “Tea+ : My Experience And Thoughts

  1. This sounds interesting! I’ve been trying lots of new teas lately. I have been having the Immune system vitamin C Tetley tea which is also green tea with mango & pineapple! I haven’t heard of this brand but I’ll check them out xx


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