An Eye Shadow Palette That’s Out Of This WORLD | Jeffree Star Alien palette Review

Hello all, and welcome back!

It feels so good to be back to regular posts now i’m a bit more settled, today i’m bringing you a beauty review something that I haven’t done for a long, long time on my blog but baby i’m bringing them back!

Today I am going to be talking about my experiences with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien palette, I was lucky enough to be gifted one for Christmas and it’s one of the most unique palette I have ever seen, it really did make a solar bang in the beauty community.


The alien palette is completely cruelty free and vegan, it retails for £46 on beauty bay and $52 on his website. Now if you know me well you know I LOVE JSC products his liquid lipsticks are my ride or die! but what did I make of the alien palette? The alien palette has such a beautiful, unique colour layout from cosmic cool tones to x-file greens this palette has it all! I found it to be a breath of fresh air from your usual neutral toned palettes you see from day to day.


I own two other Jeffree Star eye shadow palettes and the formula of both mattes and shimmers have been flawless and blended to perfection so when I tried to create an out of this world look with the alien palette there was no surprise when the mattes melted like butter, and the shimmers performed beautifully.


Here is some swatches on my arm I don’t typically go on arm swatches but rather the performance of the palette on the eyes.


I created this stunning alien look using the shades Area 51, Black hole and Alien.



Can we talk about how creative and cool this packaging is? I mean it’s not travel friendly as it is bigger than your average palette but the concept of it being an actual alien with 3D eyes is so cool to me.



Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an indie brand which means prices can be higher me personally I have no problem paying such a price because I know I will get a higher end item.

Have you tried any JSC items? if so let me know in the comments! as always thanks for reading, until next time.




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