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Home Fragrance With Bomb Cosmetics

Hello everyone, I’m back with a blog post all about my fav brand bomb cosmetics, now I know what you’re thinking bomb cosmetics is just bath bombs/bath bombs. But you’re wrong they do so much more from skin care/hair care and home fragrance! I’m a sucker for candles and my home smelling incredible.

( just a little disclaimer before we get into the post these products were gifted to me, but that does not change my opinion on them )

Do you know Bomb Cosmetics do wax melt pots now are part of their newbies range that recently dropped! They have lots of different scents to suit everyone’s taste, they have an amazing scent throw and can be used multiple times all at the cost of £1.50!

As well as some newbies Bomb Cosmetics also have some oldies but goldies in their fragrances range, tinned candles are an old favourite of mine.

I’ve always been a huge fan of essential oils and when I saw Bomb Cosmetics were bringing out their own range of them I was thrilled, I chose the fragrance patchouli because it smells flipping incredible it’s such a calming scent very earthy if I were to describe it.

Make sure you check out all the different scents Bomb Cosmetics have to offer, let me know what’s your favourite scents!

As always thanks for reading, until next time,




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