MUA Eye Shadow’s Hit Or Miss?

Hellooo everyone! For the longest time I have been playing around with eye shadow all different colours and a lot of crazy eye looks, its by far my favourite thing to do with make up. Now we all start somewhere and when I first started doing eye shadow the palette I used was from MUA  I remember it being called heaven and earth and it was fairly neutral in terms of colours 4 years and many different types of palettes later I thought I would go back to an old favourite to see how they have improved as a brand and to see what they had to offer and I wasn’t disappointed lets just say that.

I picked up two palettes both completely different colour schemes to see if MUA had changed their formula since I last tried them, I picked up Tropical Oceana Palette which is bright, stunning and perfect for summer then I also HAD to pick up another palette called Fire Vixen as it is the perfect eye shadow palette for Autumn.


Okay so lets start out with the tropical oceana palette as I feel like its more suited to the season we are currently in summer blah ( I am more of an Autumn gal ), this palette is absolutely stunning to just look at with a beautiful array of colours the palette comes with 25 different shades for just £8!!!! I had to have it, I mean it would be rude not to…now its all good a palette looking stunning but the real question here is are the shadows pigmented?! well I swatched the whole palette for you in groups of 5 and OH MY GOSH! yes the shadows are hella pigmented I wanted to cry a little at the beautiful shimmers in this palette.


The Tropical Oceana Palette by MUA is a mixture of both shimmers and mattes which is great as you get the best of both worlds as I found people are either a matte eye shadow person or a shimmer…I’m both so can’t complain here, not only is this striking palette highly pigmented and super affordable but it’s just adorable by adorable I mean the shade names of the shadows sold me if I wasn’t already sold enough, of course the palette is called Tropical Oceana so all the shade names are ocean themed!!!! some of my favourite shadows to name a thew are Paradise, Marine, Ocean Bay & starfish.

Now on to the Fire Vixen by MUA Fire Vixen is 15 shade palette filled with burnt oranges, red and coppers that remind you of a sunset or Autumn leaves crunching beneath your feet, what I am saying is when you see this palette you are instantly transported to Autumn where everything is burnt orange or copper and there is pumpkin spice everything. Fire Vixen is made up of both matte, shimmer and some metallic shades, so is the palette as good as the last one I swatched? Yes! Yes! and Yes! IF NOT BETTER.


I feel like the shimmer shades in this are more like a metallic finish they are STUNNING and the mattes perfect blend effortlessly like butter with no chalkiness in sight as that can sometimes happen with matte eye shadows, you can get an array of sunset like colours just for £5…yeah you read that right five bloody pounds and this palette is part of a collection they just released there is this palette and five others that go with it so for £30 you can have 6 high pigmented palettes pretty sure that’s a fraction of the cost of a high end makeup palette.


Unlike the tropical oceana palette the fire vixen doesn’t have shade names but shade numbers personally shade 8, 10,15 & 13 are a firm favourites for me! you can buy both these palettes on MUA website but they are also available on superdrug.

Let me know which palette is your favourite? as always thank you for reading and until next time.




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